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September 2023

The Luxury of Double Sinks

When it comes time to renovate or upgrade your bathroom, choosing the right sink for your vanity is one of the key decisions in the process.

Sinks are a focal point and can make or break a space; practicality is key and for families or couples you might need to consider choosing a larger vanity with double sinks.


Wouldn’t you love to take away the stress of that morning rush, with two people using the bathroom at the same time? And what about all that extra space! With twice the storage, twice the counter space, and twice the personal space, each person will have their own zone so no one needs to fight over a sink again.


Timberline is all about choosing the ideal options to fit your design style and budget. There are literally hundreds of options to mix and match. Have a browse through our collection here to find inspiration for your new space. With a larger vanity required for your double sink dream, you will need to allocate enough room. Timberline has a range of double sink vanities, so there is bound to be a style that’s perfect for you.

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