News: Our latest US Collection Brochure has just been released. Have you explored our Australian Collection? Take a look at our four new vanity ranges! Now offering painted finishes to selected cabinets.

Vanity Tops Explained

Find the right vanity top for your home.

Find the right vanity top for your home.

Mineral Composite Vanity Tops

Mineral composite one piece tops are repairable, resistant to loss of gloss, antibacterial and allow natural cleaning agents. They are highly durable and impact resistant, while being pleasant to the touch.

Mineral Composite Explained
  • — Broad range of sizes to choose from
  • — Straight and flat surface with little-to-no variations
  • — Durable and strong
  • — Easy to repair if scratched
  • — Not susceptible to chipping
  • — 10-year warranty
  • — Custom sizes (if required)
  • — Susceptible to heat damage – for example from a curling iron or hair straightener
Dolomite Vanity Tops

Dolomite vanity tops are made up of mineral composite and showcase elegance & sophistication. Dolomite, being the main ingredient, is composed of calcium magnesium carbonate. Rocks containing this raw material are sourced from selected certified mines in the EU and brought to you in these stunning pieces, finished with an elegant, smooth surface.

Dolomite Explained
  • — Clean crisp lines for easy cleaning
  • — Durable & Very Strong
  • — 5-year warranty
  • — Surface can scratch if not treated with care
  • — Limited range of sizes

This high-performance 20mm solid surface material is manufactured using a special multiprocess technique – creating a vanity top with a beautiful blend of colors and realistic granite appearance.

SilkSurface Explained
  • — Nonporous
  • — Easily repaired if scratched
  • — Good stain resistance
  • — Crack and chip resistant
  • — Can be drilled on site with normal wood hole saw
  • — Silica-free
  • — 10-year warranty
  • — Doesn’t have the cool feeling of natural stone

Cambria® is a 2cm thick quartz. Cambria® is among the highest concentration of pure quartz to ensure strong, compact slabs.


Cambria® is made from natural quartz and therefore some variation on color and aggregate may occur. As each slab is individual, natural variation in graining and coloring is to be expected.

Cambria® Explained
  • — Scratch resistant
  • — Maintenance-free
  • — Stain-resistant
  • — Durable
  • — Beautiful natural appearance
  • — Heat resistant
  • — Pleasant, cool stone touch
  • — Lifetime warranty
  • — Susceptible to chipping
  • — Can crack with impact
  • — Impossible to repair
Laminate Tops

A stylish top that is available on the Finn and as a box top on the Tuscany, this sleek top completes the sophisticated look.


Laminate Explained
  • — Stylish and unique
  • — Durable laminate
  • — 5-year warranty


  • — Susceptible to heat damage (e.g. Hair straightener)
  • — Susceptible to chipping due to impact