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October 2023

How to Add Practical Storage Solutions to Any Bathroom

On busy mornings, every minute counts. A thoughtfully designed and well-organized bathroom can streamline your morning routine, adding a touch of ease to the beginning of your day.

No bathroom is truly finished without practical storage solutions.


Explore Timberline’s extensive collection of vanities, mirrored cabinets, and linen closets. You can choose any cabinet and mix and match our huge range of colors, finishes and handles to get storage in your style! Opt for mirrored cabinets above your vanity for easy access to store small toiletry items while adding a touch of sophistication to your space.


If you have the luxury of extra space, why not think about adding a linen closet? These cabinets are excellent for storing larger items like cleaning supplies or spare towels, providing both functionality and a tidy, organized bathroom.

Timberline has you covered with a variety of storage styles to meet your needs. What’s your perfect storage solution?

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