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February 2024

Product Spotlight: The Elenora Vanity

Produced in Australia, the Elenora vanity will elevate your bathroom with its complementary curves and vertical details. A true masterpiece that effortlessly blends form and function.

The product highlight is its unique design, an intriguing texture that not only catches the eye but also adds a touch of architectural splendor to your space.


Available in both wall-hung and leg-mounted options, this vanity seamlessly adapts to your design preferences. Whether you prefer a modern, floating appearance or a classic grounded look, the Elenora caters to your aesthetic desires. Choose between a sleek black or pristine white satin finish.


Elevate your bathroom with Elenora and discover how this extraordinary piece can redefine the aesthetics of your bathroom. Choose Timberline for a bathroom experience that combines style, quality, and functionality.


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