What Makes our Furniture so Special?

There are a few specific characteristics we focus on here at Timberline Bathroom Products that ultimately help us achieve a custom, luxurious build. So, what are they?

  • Tongue & Groove Jointing

    All the solid backs and bases are assembled with a tongue and groove joint with multiple cam fix points. This creates exceptional strength and durability, particularly for wall-mounted cabinets. The tongue and groove joint prevents the side from pulling away from the back when pressure is placed on the vanity top.

  • Solid Vanity Back

    At Timberline we always use a full 5/8" solid back. This ensures the greatest stability for our vanities and makes mounting and installing a breeze. We never use a paper lined MDF back.

  • Soft-Close Hinges

    Only the best European fully adjustable hinges are used. This allows them to be easily adjusted and offers a long life span. All hinges include built in soft-close mechanisms.

  • Construction Brackets

    Specially designed internal brackets make a neat and strong finish which is much, much stronger than ugly staple blocks.

  • Board

    All our board is sourced from responsible, certified suppliers, and is either "E0" or "E1" low formaldehyde eco-friendly product.

  • Durable Edging

    The edging on our woodgrain cabinets is a strong ABS with matching grain. This means you will get years of durable service from your new woodgrain cabinet.

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